Punk Playthings

Provocations for 21st Century Game Makers

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A PlayHaus Provocation

About The Book

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“Punk was an attitude. It was never about having a Mohican haircut or wearing a ripped T-shirt. It was all about destruction, and the creative potential within that.”

Malcom McLaren

Warning: If you want a silver bullet solution for efficient game making or a step-by-step guide to receiving Indie Game Dev hero worship, you’re in the wrong place. Put the book back on the shelf.

Punk Playthings is an antidote to complacency and orthodoxy. Packed with probes and provocations that explore game making through fresh lenses for uncertain times, it challenges gaming monoculture by constructing a trading space for ideas and learning from across domains and cultures. Punk Playthings has zero respect for boundaries between mediums, industries, sectors, specialisms or disciplines. Instead, it challenges you to expand your cultural capital, think laterally and make new connections.

Punk Playthings advocates a truly independent mindset and DIY approach for creating playful experiences with cultural resonance. It proclaims creative entrepreneurship as the true legacy of punk.

Punk Playthings is not for everyone. But it might be for you.

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Published: Nov 10, 2017

What Others Are Saying

“Punk Playthings is overtly political. It challenges game-makers to line up alongside rebellious visionaries from Malcolm McLaren to Quentin Tarantino; to recognise that they are part of a disruptive tradition that casts a skeptical eye to its past and jealous eye to its future.”

Professor Gregor White
Head of School of Design & Informatics and the UK Centre of Excellence in Computer Games Education at Abertay University

“Part of me is deeply jealous that I didn’t have this book when I was starting my career in game development twenty five years ago. There are lessons on almost every page that are worth their weight in gold - lessons that took me months - sometimes years - to learn. There are innovative approaches to game development here that I literally bankrolled and wasted tens, or maybe hundreds, of thousands of pounds on before discovering their limitations - all expertly deconstructed and exposed for the misguided thinking they always were so that no one else has to waste their time or money going down those dead ends again.”

Colin Anderson
CEO, Denki

Meet the Authors

Punk Playthings is a PlayHaus provocation by Dr Chris Lowthorpe and Sean Taylor. PlayHaus does strategic design and pop-up digital entrepreneurship incubation that inspires and empowers emerging talent in and around the games industries.

Dr Chris Lowthorpe. An award-winning game educator and playful provocateur. He earned his doctorate at the University of Abertay, Dundee – currently Europe's top game school – where he mentored some of the brightest talent in UK games. Winner of 2014 Teaching Innovation Award at Abertay, executive production and consulting roles for the V&A, NextGen Skills Academy, Women in Games, Interactive Tayside, Dare to be Digital, PocketGamer, Tate Britain, Brothers and Sisters, SimBin, The Arts Council and more.

Sean Taylor. An award-winning video game producer with 20 years experience in the field. In 1996, Sean dropped out of college to join the organised chaos of DMA Design - midway through the production of Grand Theft Auto - and has been thinking differently about game making ever since. Winner of 2011 BAFTA Scotland (Quarrel), hands-on production and leadership roles for Microsoft Game Studios, Mind Candy, LEGO, DreamWorks, Square-Enix, Sky Television, Lucasfilm, the V&A and more. Dare Protoplay, BAFTA Game Awards and Independent Game Festival (IGF) awards juror.

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